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Notice 05 of 2018

Date: 4th August 2018.

Swing Bridge in Sandwich.

Mariners are advised that the swing bridge operating mechanism has broken down and therefore the bridge is unable to be swung to permit passage of river craft.The bridge will remain shut to river traffic for the foreseeable future until engineers from Kent County Council have resolved the problem.

Signed Colin Carr.  Harbour Master.

Notice 04-2018   

Date:  24th May 2018

Maintenance dredging works.

Mariners are advised that Annual Routine Maintenance Dredging Operations are to be carried out as follows:

Annual de-silting of all berths at Highway Marine Ltd.  Various methods used: water injection, prop-washing, floating works platform with mini digger and high pressure pump.

1. All spoil to remain within the river and be removed by natural means of tidal flow.

2. Clearing of newly forming mud banks to maintain fairway width within Sandwich Port and Haven jurisdiction.

3. De-silting of Sandwich Town Quay on behalf of Dover District Council.

4. De-silting of floodwater containment pond sluices, on behalf of The Environment Agency.

These works will take place on various unspecified dates  and according to tidal opportunity.  Mariners are required to pass at slow speed keeping a safe distance.  Vessels engaged in these works will display the International Collision Prevention Regulations day shape for a vessel unable to manoeuvre


Captain Colin Carr

Harbour Master

Notice 03 – 2018   

Date:  3rd May 2018

Isolated Danger Mark

Mariners are advised that, following the storm of 30th April the light (Fl (2) 2s) on the Isolated Danger Mark in the now silted up length of the old channel will henceforth be discontinued.

The old course of the river in this area is now fully silted up and un-navigable.


Captain Colin Carr

Harbour Master

 Notice 02-2018   

Date:  3rd May 2018

Sandwich Fairway Buoy

Mariners are advised that the fairway buoy ‘SANDWICH’ has been moved SSW to a new position of 51° 18.605 N    001° 23.293 E.  Steering 346°T from this buoy, allowing for any cross tidal ‘set’, will lead to the commencement of the newly formed and buoyed channel.

The old course of the river in this area is now fully silted up.


Captain Colin Carr

Harbour Master

Notice 01 of 2018

Date: 8th January 2018.

Cancellation of Notices

Notices Numbered 01, 02, 03, 03A, 04 & 05 of 2017 are hereby cancelled.

Signed Colin Carr.  Harbour Master.

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